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We have just received an ANONYMOUS DONATION and along with the initial donation for THE MOUNT HOPE PROJECT from Pam, we have an amount that will be enough to send money for a check up or evaluation for the two kids! This is great news as we will at least know Richard and Junior Catonjay’s medical condition.

I also got an e- mail last week from a Doctor who intends to come to Manila, sometime next year to do foot surgeries. If that pushes through and if we haven’t gotten any leads yet at that time for assistance to Junior, its good to know that we may have that option.

I’m also launching an AUDIENCE BUILDING and PROMOTION for the film and project this month. Please check back for info or simply SUBSCRIBE to this blog. Also if you are a FACEBOOK MEMBER please become a fan of the film at our FAN PAGE AT FACEBOOK OR at MYSPACE or FOLLOW US AT TWITTER.

Please post our link to your website or Facebook and MySpace accounts, it goes a long way in promoting the film, the MOUNT HOPE PROJECT and AUDIENCE BUILDING.

See you in our PAGES and hope you join us in OUR NEW CAMPAIGN this week!


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I have uploaded a trailer in Facebook and I have gotten a few hits. Also at YOU TUBE.

There were also a few e-mails and people who were  touched by the trailer and the background of the story. I do sense that the MOUNT HOPE PROJECT goals below will be achieved soon. As I mentioned before, I’m a filmmaker and people had given me a lot of leads and support on ways to meet  the goals. It may take time, bu I’m very hopeful. With the initial efforts, I have gotten some contributions as well, both for the film and for the actors:

DONATIONS as of 02-01-09:

Pam M. -$200

Various donations through Indie gogo- $236
Medith- $50
Sandell- $100

I am extremely grateful for these generous individuals for joining my efforts. And I have gotten a lot of encouraging letter as well and leads. I am especially touched by this one below and helps me to continue to work harder. I thought I’d share to all:

Dear Gerry,
Wow. I am speechless. I went to your website but couldn’t view the trailer there. I had to watch it on YouTube. And it was breath-stopping. What you show in this film is so beyond comprehension to those of us who have never even imagined that people live like that.
I am so glad you are sharing this with the world. Although I don’t have any direct contacts to people in the film industry per se, what I will do is to share the link of your site and the link to the YouTube tralier, with my friends whom I feel will appreciate it. As for getting it out there, I’d suggest just looking for as many film competitions as possible. Also, keep doing as you are doing–post in forums, etc. (Yahoo has forums in all corners of the world.)

Another idea is to find like-minded websites (other websites that bring these kinds of conditions to light; other films; etc.) and ask to link to their website and if they would do the same. The more links you have and the more websites link to YOUR site, the more it will be seen.
Personally, I would love to see the full version of the film when it’s done. You’ve taken on an incredible project.Peace,

Erin K.
Quebec, Canada

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Richard Casas as Ingo


Richard is 9-years old. He was born in Payatas and the mountains of trash are his playground. He has a medical condition, called hydrocephalous with a visual impairment.  

Our Goals for Richard:1.Have a pair of eyeglasses. 2.Arrange a medical consultation with a neurologist to determine his medical needs.3. Find organizations and individuals to help if surgery is needed.

Click here for more info.

  Randy Catonjay as Julio.

jr-clubfootRandy’s dream is to see his 3-year old son, Junior (left) walk someday. Junior has a club foot deformity.His ankles are rotated and because of this he is unable to walk. He needs a surgical correction. Such surgeries are very common in the western world.  However, the high cost of this surgery in the Philippines, make this procedure impossible for him. Click here for more info.

 He are hopeful that our initial efforts above for the medical needs of the children above  are successful, so we can pursue these other needs. Ultimately, we would like to help them set up for other means of livelihood. Some would like to sell fish, others would like to have their own store. The young ones want to have an education.

Please share your thoughts on how we can touch their lives.

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