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What an amazing run! My last posting here in THE MOUNTAIN THIEF BLOG was last March 2010, when the film was just about to have its World Premiere in San Francisco! We had an AMAZING RUN ever since, I had been mostly updating and putting up news in our FACEBOOK PAGE, and trying to build a following for the film there. For those of you who don’t have a Facebook account here is the summary of our most amazing 2010 film festival run!

1. THE MOUNTAIN THIEF won the Special Jury Award in San Francisco in its World premiere (photo above).
2. We were selected to play in Europe, Canada and the U.S. in 12 film festivals so far— San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, Los Angeles AP Film Festival, Festival De Cine Asiatica de Barcelona, Silk Screen Film Festival, NY Asian American International Film Festival, CCIIFF Lempaut, France, DC APA Film Festival, San Diego Asian Film Festival, Vancouver Asian Film Festival, Chicago Filipino-American Film Festival, Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival.
3. We won 3 awards, The Special Jury Award in SFIAAFF, The Audience Award in CCIIFF in the south of France, The George C. Lin Emerging Filmmaker Award at the DC-APA.

The film was well received in all of these cities with rave reviews, and I will be sharing soon. We are now in a position to make more impact and as I promised, we will be re-starting THE MOUNT HOPE PROJECT and we are pursuing a lot of opportunities to make more change and continue to touch lives. MORE EXCITING NEWS COMING VERY SOON, Please visit us soon! and join OUR FACEBOOK PAGE!!!


Gerry Balasta


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Special Thanks to Pamela Meredith for hosting a very SUCCESSFUL fundraising. $1,400 in total, the amount assures that Ren will have enough money for his surgery  in a couple of weeks. Anything in excess we will set aside for the other goalsPamela's fundraising of THE MOUNT HOPE PROJECT.

We had about close to 50 people who attended and I also had good feedbacks on what I hope is the FINAL CUT of the film. The feedbacks are very encouraging and the audience were touched with THE MOUNT HOPE PROJECT part of videos  which I added to the film.

I also met some amazing people who will look into doing more fundraising to help the film and THE MOUNT HOPE PROJECT.

Kinnelon High Business Club, Justine, matt and Steven donates $400. 

The Kinnelon High business club, sold recycled bottles on EARTH DAY and they raised $400, they chose to donate this funds to the MOUNT HOPE PROJECT.  Thanks to Justine, Matthew and Steven for being a part of the project. Ren is scheduled to go back at the end of May and he should have surgery within the week or the week after. after this medical procedure there maybe some extra amount left and this will be set aside as we review what else can be done for the scavenger- actors.


Work In Progress Screening            IMG_3311

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Wishing everyone happiness and hope for 2009!

If you have 2 mins, please take a moment to look at this NEW TRAILER for THE MOUNTAIN THIEF. I am launching our new website with new info (blog, news, our new project for the scavenger-actors the Mount Hope Project) and I will be posting a series of video about the film. This one is titled “A LIFE OF HOPE”.

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A very encouraging BLURB from INDIEWIRE for the clip of the film, last September at the IFP Film Week showcase.

“Back on the narrative side, even the blatantly dramatic works were assembled as crowd-pleasers. Gerry Balasta’s “The Mountain Thief,” set amid the ongoing insurgency in the Philippines as a father and son flee the surrounding chaos, intentionally highlighted chase sequences and other intense moments. The audience roared in approval”.

(Delayed Posting, before we had blog capabilities).

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Advance magazine for OT, a professional magazine, found out about my work and selection in the IFP NARRATIVE LABS. Sue Coyle, the writer, interviewed me and she was very touched with the story and the scavengers who acted in the film.

I was able to get a few emails from people who were just touch with the piece. One of which, Pam, is currently helping me in my efforts to raise money for the actors in the film. More on our efforts later.

Article at ADVANCE.

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As we struggle to finish the film,funding our post-production, editing to a locked picture, we sent a rough cut copy of the film to the IFP NARRATIVE ROUGH CUT LAB. The project was one of the 11 chosen. The experience and the workshop last June was very beneficial as we forge ahead in finishing the film and I am very grateful for IFP’s support for the project.  

Also met a lot of cool filmmakers and made new friends. The film was also invited to attend the IFP FILM WEEK in September 2008.

(Delayed posting, news before I started this blog)

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