Electric Lotus Tatoo /Jae Connor raises $1,480,( includes a $500 donation from Mike), a supporter of the project.

Thank you so much for the support and contribution last 05-29-08 in Boonton, NJ, especially Jae and Mike C. for their generosity. Jae, the owner of Lotus Tatoo

and boutique and his entire staff was so generous in their time and support. There were about 120 people who attended the fundraising event and everyone was touched when they

found out about the project, kids and the scavenger actors.  THE MOUNT HOPE PROJECT is deeply grateful for everyone for being a part of our project.


Boonton, NJ fundraising.





The staff of Lotus TATTOO.


Ren was suppose to have his surgery last 06-13-09. Unfortunately he had a flu and when they did the lab test, he also had a low hemoglobin count. They geve him medication to help raise his count and they estimate he needs two weeks to recover. We will keep you posted, visit us.

Here are the donation tallies as of 06-15-09 and expenses:


Pam M.- $200, H. C. (anonymous) -$500, Kinnelon Fundraising-$1,400   TOTAL: $2,100

Expenses:  Richard’s CT scan  (read below) Ren and Richard’s MD consultations, transportation,x-rays, meals: $900 as of  06-15-09

Estimated cost of Ren’s club foot surgery: $700,  Therapy cost=  to be determined after surgery. CURRENT TOTAL: $1,600 (excluding therapies).


Indie Go-Go- $236, Medith- $50, Sandell: $100- TOTAL : $386 Will pool with MOUNT HOPE PROJECT.


Boonton, NJ/Lotus Fundraising- $980, Mike. C- $500 – TOTAL: $1,480

We have taken the medical needs as a priority. The donations for the scavenger-actors will be set aside and pooled, until we raise enough amount to make another impact. It seems that there will be a couple of hundreds left after Ren’s surgery and therapy.  FOR THE MOUNT HOPE PROJECT donations, I hope use it to help finish the film so we can screen the film at a bigger venue— I feel we have a better chance of reaching our goals when the film is finished and when it is seen by many.  A supporter offers to hold a fundraising party to help raise finishing funds of the film, etc… Please let us know if you want join us in our efforts in finishing this film OR IDEAS FOR OUR EFFORTS.

Taking it one step at a time for now, we hope to go through Ren’s surgery and will see how much we have left.

Example: Through our efforts, we found out that Richard’s hydrocepahalous is stable and they’re recommending special education. After some generous donations, we raised enough money to get him through CT scan, medical evals (read below) and raise enough money for Ren’s upcoming surgery (read previous posts). Sending him to school, will require a big commitment both for his family, especially that survival comes first, and will require substantial resources to provide this and make this happen. Raising the initial amount took a lot of effort from Pam, Holly etc.. and myself— As  I am just learning how to do this kind of micro-philanthropy work.

My hope now is to get a wider screening and get the attention of organizations to help us in our efforts. In the meantime, THE MOUNT HOPE PROJECT is committed to help make it through that wider screening and we  will continue to do our best, to make an impact and will pool the amounts raised and will continue our efforts, including shelter. As I was advice, we will take it one step at a time— go through Ren’s surgery, finish the film, do a wider screening and ask people to join our efforts.

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Special Thanks to Pamela Meredith for hosting a very SUCCESSFUL fundraising. $1,400 in total, the amount assures that Ren will have enough money for his surgery  in a couple of weeks. Anything in excess we will set aside for the other goalsPamela's fundraising of THE MOUNT HOPE PROJECT.

We had about close to 50 people who attended and I also had good feedbacks on what I hope is the FINAL CUT of the film. The feedbacks are very encouraging and the audience were touched with THE MOUNT HOPE PROJECT part of videos  which I added to the film.

I also met some amazing people who will look into doing more fundraising to help the film and THE MOUNT HOPE PROJECT.

Kinnelon High Business Club, Justine, matt and Steven donates $400. 

The Kinnelon High business club, sold recycled bottles on EARTH DAY and they raised $400, they chose to donate this funds to the MOUNT HOPE PROJECT.  Thanks to Justine, Matthew and Steven for being a part of the project. Ren is scheduled to go back at the end of May and he should have surgery within the week or the week after. after this medical procedure there maybe some extra amount left and this will be set aside as we review what else can be done for the scavenger- actors.


Work In Progress Screening            IMG_3311

Thanks to all the supporter and FANS of THE MOUNTAIN THIEF, our initial goals for the kids was a BIG SUCCESS! 

I will discuss in detail later but Richard had his first CT-SCAN after 10 years of living with Hydrocephalous. Initial findings were grim, until in the end, the senior neurosurgeon determined that his hydrocephalous was already arrested and stable. He is going to have  a NEURO-DEVELOPMENTAL evaluation in a couple of weeks.

And through Nina, our producer, who is currently in MANILA,  the MOUNT HOPE PROJECT was able to connect through a hospital with minimal co-pay for Ren’s  clubfoot surgery. Pam, a very big part of this project will hold a FUNDRAISER on May 2 and she is confident that we will be able to raise the amount and Ren will have his surgery.

More stories to share, but for now, PLEASE ENJOY THIS VIDEO OF REN singing ABC and dancing.


ABC and dance moves that ROCK!








The Medical Evaluation, 03-09

The Medical Evaluation, 03-09

It is incredible how human beings are so beautiful. Equally amazing is  how people really cares for  one another.  This journey that I choose to take, is a journey that came to me and one that I initially did not  choose. As a filmmaker, all I wanted to do was to tell stories, and coming from an impoverished place and from a seemingly another world from where I live now, I just have to tell the stories of HOPE, of people whose stories will otherwise be unheard or unseen.

 As hard as it is to finish the film, it is equally harder to get help or support for them. But it is a very worthwhile CAUSE, thanks to all who joined me and thanks in advance to all who will. As you can see, In the process of making the film,  I became friends with the scavenger-actors, as they have toucedh my life as much as much as I have touch theirs. And with what I saw, the most horrific living conditions where my scavenger- friends live, continues to haunt me. I have committed to do my best to both tell their stories and maybe make their lives a little better. The film has a ways to go in finishing it, but there’s no reason for me to wait as some of the kid’s needs are urgent.

What is equally amazing is this;  in the process of getting help for them, of which I am just learning as I go along, I have met incredible human beings who had helped, who now I consider to be friends as well.  A word of thanks to Pam, Erin, Medith and an ANONYMOUS FRIEND who was very generous and helped us meet our initial fundraising goals  for the medical evaluation for Richard’s hydrocephalous and Ren Catonjay’s club-foot.  I have no doubt in my mind, that this effort will have a positive impact to everyone involved, from the scavengers to the supporters.


The two kids went to UERM for a check up last week, Ren Catonjay had his x-rays taken, and Nina (producer) who will be in Manila for a month or  more will attend a conference with the orthopedist and head surgeon to determine what exactly is needed for his club foot. Richard is scheduled for a CT scan on the 20th of March. When you see the film, you will appreciate how special Richard is. This is his first ever CT scan and he was born with hydrocephalous. His ability to endure is fascinating, to think that his shanty is on top of mountains of trash. I’ll keep everyone posted for the results of this evaluation as this will determine our next goal for the MOUNT HOPE PROJECT.

We also started an audience- building campaign for the film. The 100,000 FILM FAN CHALLENGE, support us and become a fan of the film today as this will help our cause and spread the word.  Our video below will best tell our story.


We were able to meet our initial fundraising goals for the medical check up/ evaluation for the kids through friends like you passing the word around. Join us by becoming a fan and please SPREAD THE WORD and post the video on your Facebook or Myspace account.

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We have just received an ANONYMOUS DONATION and along with the initial donation for THE MOUNT HOPE PROJECT from Pam, we have an amount that will be enough to send money for a check up or evaluation for the two kids! This is great news as we will at least know Richard and Junior Catonjay’s medical condition.

I also got an e- mail last week from a Doctor who intends to come to Manila, sometime next year to do foot surgeries. If that pushes through and if we haven’t gotten any leads yet at that time for assistance to Junior, its good to know that we may have that option.

I’m also launching an AUDIENCE BUILDING and PROMOTION for the film and project this month. Please check back for info or simply SUBSCRIBE to this blog. Also if you are a FACEBOOK MEMBER please become a fan of the film at our FAN PAGE AT FACEBOOK OR at MYSPACE or FOLLOW US AT TWITTER.

Please post our link to your website or Facebook and MySpace accounts, it goes a long way in promoting the film, the MOUNT HOPE PROJECT and AUDIENCE BUILDING.

See you in our PAGES and hope you join us in OUR NEW CAMPAIGN this week!